Our Bathtub & Tile Resurfacing Process

We use our proprietary process that produces the hardest finish possible for in-home resurfacing. . We have developed this process over thousands of installations during the past 30 years. There is no bathtub resurfacing finish harder and more durable, that's why we give a lifetime warranty! 

You just don’t get a master chef at a fast food franchise

Our Goal

Our goal is to give you the best resurfacing experience possible. From the initial contact right through to the completion of your project. We believe, that our full involvement in each installation is the only way to ensure the optimum resurfacing experience for our customers.  We are not a franchise, we are an owner involved business. You just don't get a master chef at a fast food franchise.

The best results come from a combination of the best materials and great care in the installation of those materials.

We pay close attention to details. It could be easy to overlook small things, but we put our name on each job, so we take the time needed to do it right. We protect your home and clean up when we're done. When we complete our installation it's our goal for you to be completely satisfied.

Our Materials

We use only the finest resurfacing materials, proven over thousands of installations. Although there are less expensive materials and processes, we insist on only the best. The cleaner we use on the substrate thoroughly removes all contaminants and prepares the surface for our adhesive. The adhesive we use bonds to the substrate better than any other adhesive on the market today. We then apply our high gloss finish. Our finish is the hardest, highest gloss finish available. The result is the most durable, beautiful and long-lasting surface available today!