Carolina Resurfacing of Asheboro

Serving Asheboro, Randolph County and surrounding areas


Hi, I'm Joel Dixon, owner-operator of Carolina Resurfacing.  I personally do each installation. I have been resurfacing since 1985. I have resurfaced thousands of bathtubs, both porcelain and fiberglass, and also ceramic tile. I've done large jobs and small jobs, . Through all this I've come to appreciate that no employee will do the same quality work as the owner. My name is on every job, I am personally responsible for the quality and durability of each installation.

You can show a trainee techniques, methods, tools and materials but you cannot teach experience. This is my greatest advantage over larger companies and franchises, although the company may be huge, that doesn't mean the installer they send to your home will be very experienced. Premier resurfacing requires more than just the proper tools and materials, it requires experience, skill and aptitude. That's what I offer to you. I would be pleased to do your resurfacing, please give us a call to schedule your work or submit the information request by clicking here.

Call: (336) 625-2400